Water, source of life and progress

Turning on a tap at home to quench your thirst or to make water circulate in a cooling system at an industrial facility are very different in terms of objectives, but have a common denominator: they require treated water. To get there, it had to pass through a long process of investigation, the result of which is, for many, one of the greatest achievements of the last millennium.

Chlorine and safety: powerful allies

From chlorinated isocyanurates to hydrazine, dichlorophenylsulphone and phosgene. Unfamiliar and difficult to say? Probably. But these are just a few examples of the more than 30 chlorine derivatives that have a huge influence on our lives – safety included.

Desalination: millennial challenge, future solution

Collecting, treating and adapting seawater for human consumption is a centuries-old practice. The challenge remains, but it has become even more pressing due to the effects of climate change. 

PH: The beauty of balance

In the complex and all-encompassing world of chemistry, there are few units of measurement that are as cross-cutting as pH. The simple scale that measures it can reveal well-kept secrets or give an indication that it is necessary to react to a potential problem. 

Electrolysis: From school benches to a sustainable future

“Electrolysis.” Few will know what it means, but everyone benefits from it. Whether you are drinking tap water or bathing in a swimming pool. And many more will benefit from this technology, which encourages decarbonisation and sustainability. 

Aniline, as important as it is invisible

There is a chemistry that unites the soles of the sneakers we wear to run with the foam of the mattress where we sleep. It is called aniline and makes part of our daily life.