Aniline, as important as it is invisible

There is a chemistry that unites the soles of the sneakers we wear to run with the foam of the mattress where we sleep. It is called aniline and makes part of our daily life.

The brave new world of Molecular Gastronomy

“Caldo verde” foam, jelly with the flavour of clams "à Bulhão Pato", topped off with a few scoops of liquid nitrogen ice-cream. Does that mean anything to you? Come with us on a journey through the extraordinary world of molecular gastronomy, where chemistry rules and the imagination is the limit.

Chemistry engraved on the skin

Tattooing the body is an age-old practice that has spread across every continent. Today we know that tattoos tell many stories: of rituals, tribes, love, crime... And it is chemistry that gives a touch of colour to this art born out of the skin.

Perfumes: The fragrances of chemistry

It was in 1921, exactly 100 years ago, that the famous chemist Ernest Beaux created the classic Chanel No. 5 - the first perfume of the modern era combining natural and synthetic elements. Since then, chemistry has helped make the perfume industry more sustainable.

Hydrogen: the ally of the future

The high environmental costs of using fossil fuels are raising the potential of hydrogen. In Portugal, there are those who are investing in this clean energy, which is economically becoming more and more competitive.

Plastic: the challenges of the future

Light, malleable, long-lasting and inexpensive. The invention of plastic revolutionised modern society, contributing to the development of humanity. But the abuse of disposable plastics has become a huge and serious environmental problem, calling for new measures and new approaches. And the chemical industry is part of the solution.